AirPlan Engineering Services

Our Services Overview

Business Consultancy

  • Support General Aviation Start–Ups’ to get the organisational structure & processes
    • set up “right” out of the box
    • set up lean and affordable
  • Prepare your company for EASA part 21 homologation as DO or PO
  • Prepare your company for ISO 26262 homologation
  • Get your product development process optimized by
    • a fully integrated, top-down systems engineering approach
    • adherence to a top down & fully traceable Requirements Based Engineering strategy
  • Support Engineering Management to ensure
    • in time achievement of milestones at the required level of product definition & maturity  

Engineering Consultancy:

  • EASA/FAA Certification Systems & Structures
  • System Modelling & Simulation, Design & Analysis
  • System Safety & Reliability of Complex & Highly Integrated Systems
  • Requirements Management

RAMS Software:


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